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Why the Royals have the Greatest Fans


The Kansas City Royals have entered the World Series once more and our city is more than on fire, especially after last night’s win! From the sea of blue at the K to the passerby wearing the World Series embroidered “KC” baseball cap, Kansas City rallies behind their boys in blue everywhere. Here are the top 5 reasons Kansas City has the greatest fans!

1. They have the Most Courteous Fans

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Kansas City fans may be crazed over their team, but they are also very kind to the visitors. Sure there will be the occasional boo at a player that is doing very well against us, but for good reason. Take José Bautista, the Blue Jays right-fielder. He may have started all of the booing himself when he caught a ball at Kauffman Stadium and, what you should not ever do, fake threw it back into the crowd and kept it himself. A very unkind gesture to the fans, so booing ensued thereafter.

The Royals have been in just a few championship games, and through a very dry season, so coming from nothing brings about humbleness. We also have people like Marlins Man stating that our fans are one of his favorites to be around.

2. Fans have Cheers for each Player

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The Royals have names and cheers for almost every player on the field. From “Hoz” to “Gordo” to “Salvi,” we have nicknames for almost all of them. But one is very distinct, and he comes with his own fanfare as he walks to the plate. Moustakas, or “Moose,” has everyone in the stands yelling “Moo-o-o-o-ose” in the lowest their vocal cords will go. We even have a fan bring in a pair of moose antlers to the stadium and raises them accordingly. Best thing is, that fan has no problem with the workers at Kauffman Stadium when he brings them and the fans absolutely love it.

3. Fans Participate in the Game Wherever They are

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Our office is located in the middle of Waldo, and while the Royals played the Houston Astros in the ALDS game four, the streets were filled with cheers from a local a bar across the way that was so full that people were watching from the curb. Horns were honking from cars on the street after each run from the Royals and then an eruption of noise happened when they won.

Every game Royals fans have filled the stadium, surpassing the most attended record this year and well more, but for those who can’t attend, Royals fans crowd the closest TV, radio or mobile device to listen and watch the game. Even in our office, people are decked out in all Royal blue, which leads me to the next reason why we are the greatest fans.

4. We Wear our Royals Gear Everywhere

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Of course memorabilia is important to every fan of anything, but you don’t see a clothing store sell out the day a team wins the ALS. The Academy sporting good store in Belton, Mo had a line wrapping around the entirety of the building, which is giant. The next morning, there were practically scraps of what they had and they were going to be fully stocked later that day to supply the need of World Series and ALS Championship gear.

During the regular season, post season and after the season, Royals fans wear all the gear they can everywhere. It is almost appropriate in any setting right now as they are in the World Series, and there are number of items if you still want to look professional.

5. We Storm all Forms of Media with Praise for the Royals

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With all of the social media available at our fingertips, radio in the air and TV broadcasting across the nation, our fans are reporting, talking and of course “tweeting” more than anyone else about their team. We create trending topics on Twitter, like how many people are talking about the #TakeTheCrown and many more throughout the season. On the radio, people want to just call in and talk about the Royals on their morning commute, and the talk show hosts want to do the same thing. On local broadcast stations it is every other story about the Royals, to a certain fan to something else that is just about them. It is all we want to talk about and voice our opinions about right now as we head into game 2 of the World Series.

Kansas City is fully behind the Royals in all that they do. We are kind to other fans, but just a bit more crazed about our own team. We will wear blue where ever we go and watch the game too. Our fans are the greatest, and even our Royals recognize it. So let’s cheer them on even more as they go and win the World Series!


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