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Ten Things to do to get Your Home Ready for Guests this Holiday

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The holidays are upon us and with that comes fun, food and family. It also comes with chaos, burnt turkeys and petty arguments over where to go for your family outings. One thing to do is get your home prepared for the fun filled chaos by cleaning, organizing and especially making your guests feel welcomed. These 10 tips will help prepare your home for the best and the worst to come this season!

1. Fresh Clean Bedding

Bedding Voepel Property Management

Pick up the sheets that have been laying around in your linens closet, guest bed or dirty hamper and clean them up for the guests to come. Nothing says welcome with a clean set of sheets for the bed. Even if they are clean or have been laid out, dust can and will be nestled in between and needs to be taken care of. Also, have a light comforter on the bed and a heavy one at the end of the bed or under the bed. This way your guest can adjust to their needs!

2. Have Wifi Password Ready for Them

Wifi Voepel Property Management

Love this idea and makes it where there is no awkward conversation of how to spell out your weird or very long password. There is always a backstory they might ask as to why you use it or not change it, but giving them a large board displaying the password will cut the conversation a lot.

3. Clear Closet Space

Closet Voepel Property Management

Most guests will be living out of a suitcase, but clearing some space will have your guests feel right at home. Having a dresser opened up near the bed or in the closet will be the most useful. Most likely guests will drape their clothes they plan on wearing again over the dresser or off a door knob. Null that idea with a garment rack to clear some extra space for them to hang their towels, jackets or anything else that needs to be hung up.

4. Febreze

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Air fresheners, scent warmers, candles, and anything else is always helpful for the home, but we suggest Febreze to freshen up your house and then have it left out in your bathroom for after. Your home will be filled with enough good smells from food later in the week for sure anyways, but a can of Febreze will help for the initial meet and greet.

5. Toiletries in Basket/Jar

toiletries Voepel Property Management

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Remember all of those hotel soaps and shampoos you have, but never use? Put them to good use here or go out and buy from the travel size section from your local store. Your guest needs to shower and if they took a flight they probably don’t have any large soaps with them, especially if they only took a carry-on. Other than soaps and shampoos, they will need toothpaste, toothbrush, a razor and body lotion. After they are done they can even take whatever they used!

6. Have Towels at the Ready

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Clean towels are a must for guests! Extended stays may be rough because at some point laundry will have to be done, but for just that one person who is staying one week, washing and drying all of the towels is not a bad idea. They may like to take multiple showers a day and use a different towel each time. Just always be prepared.

7. Have Snacks & Coffee on Hand

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There will be tons of food during the holidays for sure, but this is more for those quick bites to eat, mornings on the go and those early birds. Having some fresh fruit, some coffee and maybe some granola bars is always good to have for your guests’ stay. Also, have a water bottle in the room or access to multiple. Nothing is worse than having your guest wake up in the middle of the night and navigate their way to your kitchen in the dark.

8. Bedside Necessities

Bedside Voepel Property Management

Bedside necessities would include Kleenex, a charging area for their phone or devices, a clock somewhere in the room, a lamp and a few other small things that should not go by the wayside. Have these things ready or available for your guest in their room and bathroom. Also a tiny plant or flower arrangement will “spruce” up the area as well.

9. Two Baskets for Clothes & Trash

Basket Voepel Property Management

If your guest goes through two towels a day or multiple change of clothes, they will for sure need a laundry basket to toss their clothes and your towels. Also, they will probably have some type of small kleenex mess or extra recipts from their pockets or a water bottle they want to throw away without having to go the kitchen to do so. Having a trash bin in their room is a must have for these type of situations.

10. Seasonal Touches

guest bedroom Voepel Property Management

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We know right now it is autumn and that Thanksgiving is the first holiday on our way, but the winter months are ahead as well! Try and keep your guest bedroom matching with the SMALL amount of decorations that will be going in the room. Having white sheets won’t deter your decorating plans as well! Here are some ideas to decorate your guest room as well: residencestyle.com

We hope these tips help you and that your home isn’t too wild and crazy this year with all of the family and friends over! And if it is at least your guest room will be prepared! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Voepel Property Management!


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