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Standardized Make-Ready Costs

In an effort to streamline the make-ready process, we have decided to start using standardized pricing for the most common make-ready costs.  The document below is an outline of these costs, these costs are non-negotiable.

We understand that turning a property after a tenant moves out can be one of the least favorite parts of being an investor.  At Voepel, our goal is to minimize the expenses during the turn and to minimize the vacancy.  In an effort to streamline the “turn” process and provide clear communication we will be moving forward with a new estimate format.  Our goal with the new format is to be more clear about the cost of certain items so owners can better prepare financially for an upcoming turn.  We developed and built this price sheet in order to be competitive within the Kansas City labor market.  As the owner of the property, it is an option to obtain additional bids from outside contractors.

If you have questions regarding any of this information, please reach out to our office for clarification.

Click the link below to view PDF.

Make Ready Standardized Pricing

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