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Owner Responsibilities – Utilities

As we receive vacate notices from tenants we are finding there are a number of properties that do not have utilities (gas, water, electric, trash, and sewer) set up as “Revert to Owner.”  Not having a “Revert to Owner” in place can cause issues with completing the make-ready while the property is vacant in addition to other costly issues while the property is occupied. Per our Management Agreement, we do not put utilities in Voepel’s name.
It is especially important in the winter months to have the utilities on!  Cold winters can result in pipes bursting, causing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages.
You, as a property owner, are responsible to have the Revert to Owner set up. You can list our office as the billing address (406 W. 75th St. Suite A, Kansas City, MO 64114) and we will pay the bills on your behalf.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information please contact our office for clarification.
Kansas City, MO Utility Companies

Electric – Evergy  | 816-471-5275

Gas – Spire Gas Energy | 800-582-1234

Water – KC Water |816-513-1313

Independence, MO Utility Companies

Electric & Water  – Independence Power & Light | 816-325-7500

Gas –  Spire Gas Energy | 800-582-1234

Raytown, MO Utility Companies

Electric – Evergy |816-471-5275

Gas – Spire Gas Energy | 800-582-1234

Water – Raytown Water | 816-356-0333

Kansas City, KS Utility Companies

Electric & Water – Kansas City Board of Public Utilities | 913-573-9190

Gas Company – Kansas Gas Service |800-794-4780

Olathe, KS Utility Companies

 Electric – Evergy | 816-471-5275

Gas – Atmos Energy |888-442-1313 or Kansas Gas Service | 800-794-4780

Water – City of Olathe | 913-971-9311

Overland Park, KS Utility Companies

Electric – Evergy: (816) 471-5275

Gas Company – Atmos Energy | 888-442-1313 or Kansas Gas Service | 800-794-4780

Water – WaterOne | 913-895-1800

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