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Kansas City Property Management Services

Renovation Projects

VPM is willing to manage renovations and large make ready projects through our general contracting partners. We keep an “approved contractor list” available at all times to ensure we can handle any project that comes our way. Since this is outside our normal property management services, we generally charge 10% – 12% of the project or a flat fee to manage these projects.

Specialty Contracting

When special projects come up, we bring in the pros because its what they do best. These are outside vendors that are on our approved contractor list, and are used when projects meet their skill set. Examples of this include HVAC, roofing, appliance repair, pest and critter control, lawn care, carpet cleaning, tree trimming and large-scale plumbing and electrical projects. We simply schedule with them via our system, they schedule with the tenant and if the repair is over $350, they call for approval from the office.

Make-Ready Turns

Any make-ready turn below the tenant’s security deposit is generally done either through our contracting partners, in-house staff or cleaning crews. The goal is to turn the property extremely fast and with the least amount of fund expended for the past tenant and the current client.

General Maintenance

When you manage as many properties as we do, you need to have a small team of handymen that can travel the city every day and help our current residents with their small maintenance issues. We’ve tried to do this many different ways and we’ve found that it is best to employ the handymen so we can control their schedules every day. The other reason why we have chosen to employ these guys is that it is very hard to schedule with vendors on such small jobs. We can also control who is actually working in the home.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance is a tough part of the business. We must have a solution for every situation that could come up, even after hours. VPM has an emergency maintenance number tenants can call when they have an emergency.  Depending on what the issue and severity are, VPM may hire an outside vendor to resolve it. If the home or tenant is in danger, VPM may exceed our maintenance limit in order to handle the situation properly. Examples include HVAC issues, weather-related issues with trees, water leaks, and bigger electrical issues.

Preventative Maintenance

VPM suggests a certain level of preventative maintenance on the homes. Generally, we try to do this during the make-ready turn, but often times we will need to schedule with current residents. Examples of preventative maintenance we would schedule include HVAC inspections and cleaning, gutter cleaning, safety tree trimming, and mechanical inspections.

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