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Kansas City’s 5 Best BBQ’s

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Kansas City barbecue does not need an introduction, but simply an explanation on how it is prepared. Kansas City’s BBQ is a versatile delicacy, having a wide variety of meats and a equally wide variety of preparations. From brisket to pulled pork, they do it all, but we are the city who represents burnt ends. And there is no better way to serve burnt ends than with our signature sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. Kansas City BBQ is one of a kind, but this list pits the five best together into our favorite barbecue’s in Kansas City.

1. Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue

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Previously called “Oklahoma Joe’s,” this gas station turned award winning barbecue joint is our number one. It offers all the various meats and blends them perfectly with their amazing sides. They were given the title “Tastiest Ribs in America” by USA Today, have newspapers from the New York Times to the Denver Post raving about how great it is and have won the American Royal and many other BBQ competitions multiple times. Owners Jeff and Joy Stehney have produced a legendary staple in KC. We suggest the “Z-Man” sandwich, composed of sliced smoked brisket, smoked provolone, onion rings, and barbecue sauce served inside a Kaiser roll. Simply amazing.

Website: joeskc.com

2. Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ

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For 50 years Jack Stack has been serving BBQ with a side of decadence and of course cheesy corn, their signature side. This formal setting is for the meat-lover, not for just the enthusiast, and expect fellow lovers to be waiting in line for this place’s amazing display of food. With options like succulent beef ribs and burnt ends, this place also serves lamb ribs, terrific onion rings, briskets and steaks. We suggest either a combo lunch with two choice meats or the “Big Pig,” shaved ham, smoked pork, bacon, smoked provolone, and mustard BBQ sauce, topped with a fried onion ring all on a cornmeal dusted bun.

Website: jackstackbbq.com

3. Q39

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Welcome the new restaurant on the block, boasting an eclectic atmosphere, good eats and championship winning BBQ. Q39 is located on 39th street and is under the head of pit master Rob McGee. The sleek, contemporary building opens up to a stylistic version of the original BBQ joint and into an experience. With other wood-fire grilled options and lighter fare, this place offers more than just award winning BBQ. With the traditional and new-school twist added to the mix, this restaurant is becoming a part of the BBQ scene in Kansas City. We suggest the “Judge’s Plate,” a choose 3 with the options of Q spare ribs, sliced brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, or sausage.

Website: q39kc.com

4. Gate’s Barbecue

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If “sauce is the boss” in terms BBQ, then Gate’s Barbecue is the forerunner. Their sauce launched their success when they sold it to local barbecue restaurants in 1946 and kept selling across the nation. With their sauce hitting all the grocery stores in the ’70s, they figured out it was time to open up their own barbecue shop with their own sauce at their disposal. With their delicious history behind them, they are now a pit paradise with a variety of meats at their disposal. We suggest the center cut ribs with their signature original sauce.

Website: gatesbbq.com

5. Arthur Bryant’s

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Kansas City legendary BBQ restaurant, Arthur Bryant’s, makes our list not just because it is a fan favorite. This rustic, traditional joint offers some of the best and classic good eats in Kansas City. First opening in1920, this place has perfected their art and have been serving to generations of Kansas City residents that it has almost become one of their essential food groups. With options like scrumptious ribs, brisket and pork on a sandwich and amazing sides like potato salad and fires, this restaurant offers the best. We suggest their delicious pork ribs.

Website: arthurbryantsbbq.com

We hope this list didn’t make you die of hunger, but go out and try one of the amazing options we provided. Kansas City barbecue can be to die for, so pick any of these and get your delicious fill.


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