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How to Tour

Rently is the new way to tour available rental properties without the hassle of scheduling with an agent. You can enter properties yourself anytime between 8 am – 8 pm every single day!

Follow these simple steps to get started touring today.

  1. Go to www.rently.com or download the app from your App Store.

  2. At the top of the page select “Renters Sign In”

  3. Select “Create Account”

  4. Fill out the required fields and select “Create Account”.

  5. Add a Credit Card to your file, you will be charged a .99¢ fee to verify your account (this will allow you to self-tour up to 20 different properties).

  6. Start searching rental properties based on the city you are looking in.

  7. When you find a home you want to tour select “Enter Property Yourself”

  8. You will then be prompted to verify your phone number and take a picture of your driver’s license (this will only be requested for your first tour).

  9. Once you have been verified, Rently will give you a code to enter into the lock box on the front door (codes are only valid for 1 hour).

  10. When you arrive at the property, press the “Ent” key and make sure the box beeps/lights up, this indicates the box is awake. Then enter your code and press “Ent” again, this will cause the box to open. Leave the box open while you tour, when you are done make sure all doors are locked and place the key back in the box and close the box.

After your tour, you will be prompted to complete a brief survey to tell us what you thought.
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