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Kansas City Home Rental Application

Application Qualifications

  • A Credit score of 600 or above
  • No previous evictions
  • No felony convictions
  • Gross combined household income of 3x’s the monthly rental amount.
  • Verification Rental or Residential History
  • Verification of Employment
  • We do not accept housing voucher programs

How to Apply

All rental applications must be submitted online because we don’t accept paper applications. Applications will not be fully processed until a deposit is received and all information is provided.

1. Gather the following to apply for occupancy.

  • Last 2 pay-stubs (We will not accept tax returns, except for those who are self-employed. However, we will accept an offer letter from a new employer)
  • Drivers License
  • Previous Rental History Contact Information (phone number or email required)

2. Visit https://www.voepelproperties.com/apply-for-occupancy.

3. Next, find the property you would like to apply for and follow the prompts.

4. At the end of the application, you will be required to pay $50/per applicant.

5. After you submit your application, you must submit a deposit on the property you are applying for to see if you qualify for move-in.

  • Deposits are equal to 1 month’s rent and must be brought to our office in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. We can not accept personal checks or cash.
  • We accept deposits on a first come first serve basis and can only hold a property for up to 30 calendar days.
  • The deposit is refundable if your application is denied.

Fees to Expect for Move-in

Admin Fee

You will be charged a $100 admin fee on the date of move-in. This is not a refundable fee.

Pet Fees

We do not charge monthly pet rent, but we do charge an upfront fee for each pet living in the home.  There is a limit of 2 pets per household. Pets fees are not refundable.

  • Dogs larger than 40lbs = $300/animal
  • Dogs smaller than 40lbs = $200/animal
  • Cats = $150/animal

If you have any questions, contact us today at 816-405-4845.