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5 Rules Every Investors Should Follow When Purchasing an Occupied Investment Property

Investing in real estate can be very exciting and challenging at the same time.  It is a business that has huge highs and lows. It can be thrilling, but it can also be difficult to navigate.  This emotional roller coaster often takes you down paths that you could have never anticipated. Riding out the [...]

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Tenant Tips for Fall Maintenance & Home Care

Tenant Tips for Fall Maintenance & Home Care Check out this great informational brochure on what you as a tenant can do to help prevent issues in your home!  Remember, all tenant that are living in single-family homes are required to maintain the property!  Here are some great tips on how to prepare for winter!   [...]

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Fall/Spring Service Inspections

Fall/Spring Service Inspections Every year we offer investors the option to complete basic yearly preventative maintenance.  This is a program that owners/investors need to opt-out of if they do not wish to participate. We call this the Fall/Spring Clean & Check. This preventative measure checks that HVAC & mechanical systems are operating within acceptable capacity. [...]

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Standardized Make-Ready Costs

Standardized Make-Ready Costs VPM, in an effort to streamline the make-ready process, has decided to start using standardized pricing for the most common make-ready costs.  The document below is an outline of these costs, these costs are non-negotiable. We understand that turning a property after a tenant moves out can be one of the [...]

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Owner Responsibilities – Utilities

As we receive vacate notices from tenants we are finding there are a number of properties that do not have utilities (gas, water, electric) set up as "Revert to Owner".  Not having a revert to owner in place can cause issues with completing the make ready while the property is vacant in addition to other [...]

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Emergency Maintenance Policy

What is a maintenance emergency? If there is a fire, stop reading and call 911 immediately! If you are unsure whether you are experiencing an event necessitating a call to our maintenance emergency line, refer to the examples below for guidance. At Voepel Property Management, we define a ‘Maintenance Emergency’ as a malfunction of property that may [...]

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