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The 5 Best Kansas City Light Displays

The holidays are upon us and that means family, friends, dinners and of course the decorations! Our city goes all out when it comes to the lights and there are 5 places you need to go and check out this season! 1. Christmas in the Park Longview Lake Campground Nov. 25 to Dec. 31    [...]

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Why the Royals have the Greatest Fans

The Kansas City Royals have entered the World Series once more and our city is more than on fire, especially after last night's win! From the sea of blue at the K to the passerby wearing the World Series embroidered "KC" baseball cap, Kansas City rallies behind their boys in blue everywhere. Here are the [...]

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This Weekend in KC

This weekend you will hear cheers for the boys in blue, balloons rising hundreds of feet and so much more! Check out the list we have and enjoy what KC has to offer! 1. ALCS game 6: Royals vs Blue Jays Friday, Oct. 23, 7:07 p.m.  Kauffman Stadium Website: kansascity.royals.mlb.com 2. Holiday Mart 2015 Oct.22-25 Bartle [...]

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Kansas City’s 5 Best BBQ’s

Kansas City barbecue does not need an introduction, but simply an explanation on how it is prepared. Kansas City's BBQ is a versatile delicacy, having a wide variety of meats and a equally wide variety of preparations. From brisket to pulled pork, they do it all, but we are the city who represents burnt ends. [...]

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Kansas City This Weekend

This weekend in Kansas City is going to be a phenomenal one! With sporting events, seasonal festivities and so much more, this weekend has something in store for you and your loved ones! Check out our list. 1. ALDS Game 2: Royals vs Astros Friday, Oct. 9, 2:30 p.m. Kauffman Stadium Website: kansascity.royals.mlb.com 2. Halloween Haunt Friday, [...]

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Ten Date Ideas This Fall in Kansas City

It is finally getting cooler outside and with it comes activities and festivities for the season. What better way to spend time in this amazing weather than with a significant other! Here are some ideas to take full advantage of this Fall in Kansas City and go out on a date. We'll start with some [...]

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Top 5 Kansas City Pizza Shops

This delicious list is our top five pizza shops in Kansas City. With traditional pies that will make your mouth salivate to crazy slices that will make you beg for more, these pizzas are more than a suggestion to eat but a calling to satiate your cravings. Waldo Pizza Waldo & Lee's Summit With a [...]

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Top 5 Local Kansas City Coffee Shops

This is a list of our favorite local cups of coffee in KC, & these heavenly brews are more than just a kick start to the day but a collection of flavors that only going out and trying will give justice. Coffee Girls Café Waldo Coffee Girls Café is located right next door to our office [...]

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Sweet Treats to Eat in KC

Got a sweet tooth? Well sink your teeth into this delectable list of our favorite local dessert places here in our great Kansas City! Disclosure: We are not sorry nor responsible for cravings and/or mouth watering. All credit goes to these amazing places! McLain's Bakery via mclainsbakeryinwaldo.com Waldo, MO Right down the street from our [...]

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