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Ten Things to do to get Your Home Ready for Guests this Holiday

The holidays are upon us and with that comes fun, food and family. It also comes with chaos, burnt turkeys and petty arguments over where to go for your family outings. One thing to do is get your home prepared for the fun filled chaos by cleaning, organizing and especially making your guests feel welcomed. These [...]

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Winterize Your Home

Winter is coming and that means trouble for your heating bill. Many problems can happen when the temperature reaches below the dreaded 32 degrees, but there are ways to save you and your wallet from suffering in the cold. These ten tips will make your home feel warmer, save energy and even some money. 1. [...]

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Tips for a Stress Free Move-in for Renter’s

Moving into your newly rented home can be the best thing in the world to some people and the most stressful to others. These tips will help you, the prospective tenant, know important details about being a renter before moving in to keep stress at bay. 1. Ask Questions We're not talking about the typical questions [...]

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Fire Prevention Week: Tips to Ready Yourself and Your Home From Fires

This week is Fire Prevention Week, and it was created to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire on Oct. 9, 1871 that killed more than 250 people and left over 100,000 homeless. Today it is a national awareness week on what to do to prevent any house fires and protect residents. We will provide steps to prevent [...]

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Ten Tips to Really Clean Your Kitchen

Tired of having a filthy disposal drain, dirt on the cabinets and a whole lot of other problems that your cleaner cannot take care of? These simple and amazingly helpful tips will take care of these tricky stains. 1. Cleaning Burnt Pans This will cut the scrubbing and scraping in half the time and leave [...]

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Ten Secrets to Moving From A Mover

Moving can bring a mix of emotions to a tenant. For myself, a professional mover for a few summers, it usually just brought sweat. It also gave me a lot of knowledge in the career, stories and a whole lot more I hope to share in this article. Here are ten secrets I learned on the [...]

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10 Tips to Really Clean Your Bathroom

So, you think Windex is the solve all cleaner? You would like to think that with just a little bit of elbow grease any stain can come out? This article is to help you out with the grime and gunk clean up of your bathroom with a few little-known tricks and tips. Tip #1 For [...]

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