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11508 N Wallace
Kansas City, MO

Beautiful 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Tri-Level Home


8005 Tennessee Ave
Raytown, MO

Gorgeous 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Raytown Home

“We were able to purchase two homes, through an estate and a foreclosure.  Both homes are in good areas of Johnson county.  Voepel managed the "make-ready" of the houses.  My husband and I could not possibly have done the work.  I am an older woman who is physically unable to work.  And, we could not have found workers to help us at the reasonable rates Voepel charged to prepare the houses to rent.  They did a great job of marketing for us.  They know the amount of a fair price for the property rent.  We had lots of people interested in the homes.  The maintenance service that they provide to the tenants is much faster and more reasonably priced than we could do on our own. We are looking for a third house.  A representative has met us at four different houses (even though we are just looking for one) and visited with us about the modifications or repair that would be needed.  The Voepel team is very respectful and patient with us. We need to save money faster than our IRA will let us.  We now have two investments (the rental houses) that are worth more than we paid after the repairs that Voepel helped us with.  And, we have an income stream that will make my husband's dream of retirement a reality.  I hope to work with Voepel for many more years.”
Susan M.